Geocaching – Fun? Free? What’s the catch?

And so it begins…

It was my birthday. My 40th birthday to be exact. And what better way to remind me that I am getting older, than to present me with the absolute latest in must-have gadgetry gadgets? That was the day the iPhone came into my world.

Flicking through the available apps for my few fandangled phone (hey if I was going to have a smartphone, it may as well do cool stuff, right?) I came across a word.. rather a name, that was somewhat stirringly familiar. Geocaching. Racing to the computer I clicked through the cobwebs to a long forgotten bookmark. Dusting it off, I quickly fired up the link. A-hah! Now I remember. It’s that geeky GPS game. Bookmarked for the future, to a time when I too could join in the ‘fun’ of shoving my fingers into dark crevices underneath rocks or plunging my hand inside a rotting hollow log all in the hunt for a little plastic box.

Fast forward three weeks and I am hooked. Completely and utterly hooked.

Of course I keep track of my wondrous escapades and scintillating finds on the official Geocaching website, but why not Blog about it too?

As I’ve already got 13 finds to my credit, I’ll recap them as best I can, then update as each new cache is found.  And we’re off…


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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