A Road To Nowhere

Well we know where we’re goin’, but we don’t know where we’ve been…                          And we know what we’re knowin’, but we can’t say what we’ve seen…

Found: 23 Jan 2012

Every time I see the title of this cache I just want to break into the Talking Heads song, and today was no exception.

Sometime the previous night the geo-kids both purchased the Geocaching app so they too could hunt down caches, metre by metre. The geo-daughter enjoyed our adventure so much last night that she was ready to head out and track down some more caches this afternoon.

Jumping into the geo-mobile we headed off out to Won Wron. The front part of the picnic area is looking great these days, with lots of introduced trees really starting to get established now, and creating a lovely place to stop for a rest. The back section however, the actual ‘road to nowhere‘, or rather ‘the road to the turning circle up the end‘, is looking pretty shabby.

I can very vaguely remember when the back section was still part of the old Hyland Way and was a busy road. After the new section of road was put through, this created a private little tucked away area which soon became a favourite spot for the ‘lads’ to come and see who could leave as much rubber on the bitumen as possible, along with some other best not written about nocturnal activities! The bbq’s, concrete picnic tables and bins made the back area a great little private spot for a bbq, fire and a few quiet drinks – day or night. Now nature is slowly but surely reclaiming the old two way section of Highway.

We decided to park the geo-mobile about halfway along, and walk the rest of the way in to GZ. I bored poor geo-daughter senseless with stories of ‘the old days’… ahh yes the good old 80’s and 90’s. We closed in on GZ and both turned to look at eachother, trying to decide who was going to be the brave one to retrieve the cache, both silently hoping the other would volunteer. After a long drawn out silence I decided I had best put on a brave face and retrieve the cache. Doesn’t help that I am on the short side. Short stature usually results in short limbs. I couldn’t reach. I eyed the somewhat taller and willower geo-daughter who must have known what I was thinking as she was standing there slowly shaking her head.  Employing a sturdy stick as a makeshift limb extenstion I soon coaxed the cache out of its hiding place… along with a small scouting party of curious bull-ants. I poked at them with the stick and saw their cute little nippers waving about. I think they were trying to say “You found it!! You’re awesome!!”

A quick log sign, and swag dive was had. We took a gold medal, yes that’s right, not bronze, not silver, but gold. We truly were awesome – the bull-ants were right, and we were taking home the gold. We left behind a little man, and a new pair of gardening gloves… though these are probably more useful outside of the cache than inside! With the cache safely returned, the bull-ants bid a fond farewell, we were off.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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