Devon North Serviceman’s Memorial

Found: 22 Jan 2012

Feeling quite smug after our previous two finds, we decided were were on a roll. A quick stop to pick up a friend of geo-daughter’s who was staying the night, and we were off to seek out just one more cache before heading home. After a quick explanation to geo-friend about what we were up to, and informing her that no, we weren’t crazy, we were off to Devon North!

We knew the Serviceman’s Memorial was around somewhere close to the school, but we’d never actually been there before to see it. Geo-son was driving, and getting frustrated with my indecision about exactly where it was, because of course, mum’s are supposed to know everything! It also didn’t help that we drove past the sign 2 or 3 times without actually taking any notice of it.  Parking at the school seemed the best option to avoid me being dumped on the side of the road and being told I had to walk home.

Geo-friend set off with the geo-kids and by the time geo-husband and I arrived at GZ they had already excitedly located the cache and were unravelling the log ready for the all important log signing. This cache was much smaller than the last two, and didn’t contain any swag. Lucky, because we didn’t have anything with us to swap.

The Memorial is fabulous and really nicely maintained and presented. The original dedication at Devon North entailed the planting of a special tree along with a group photograph of those who had enlisted from the district. A large oak Honour Roll displaying the names of 57 past students of the Devon North school who enlisted, is hanging in the Devon North Hall just opposite the school on the Tarra Valley Road side. The Serviceman’s Memorial at GZ however, is dedicated to the 21 local men who were the combined casualties of both WW1 and WW2.

After signing the log and replacing it just how it was found, we headed off home, satisfied with the 3/3 strike rate, and excitedly planning where our next ‘fix’ would come from. Yes, I was hooked.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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