Yarram – Angus McMillan

Found: 22 Jan 2012

Fresh from the elation of finding our very first cache, I consulted the geo-gods dwelling within my iPhone and they told me there was another cache nestled in Memorial Park, Yarram.

It’s an absolutely beautiful park – the lawns are lovely, Memorial Pond is soothing, the gardens impressive and the facilities are terrific, however that’s during the daytime. Of a night, the park creeps me out. Ever since I discovered as a kid that this is the site of the first Yarram Cemetery – hence the name ‘Memorial Park’.

The Cemetery was first formed in 1873 and by the late 1880’s there were 54 burials recorded within. The large building to the right of the Park was originally Duke’s Yarram Hotel. In 1898 bushfires ringed the township and burned right up to the edge of the Hotel, destroying the Cemetery in its wake. A new Cemetery site was chosen in 1901 just outside of the town, and the old one was abandoned and became derelict and overgrown.

Eventually in 1913 the Shire removed whatever headstones remained, and by 1914 76 graves had been relocated to the new Cemetery. Depending on who you talk to around the town, there are some older residents that say not all of the bodies were moved… and now we come full circle to why this place creeps me out at night. Oh and if you do happen to come here at night, that noise that sounds like whispering? Those who don’t know better will say it’s just the wind rustling the leaves of the trees…

So with a swag of childhood memories rushing through my mind, I parked the car under the nearest overhead street light. Out clamber the geo-family and it’s time to get down to business. But wait, what’s this? A multi-cache? What in the blazes… A quick read through the cache listing tells me that I have to find GZ then work out the REAL co-ordinates from a date I’ll find at GZ. Great, I have no idea how to change the co-ordinates on my iPhone. Thankfully we have good local knowledge and were able to work out exactly what we should be looking for as our final destination, from the description on the cache page.

After a quick briefing of our posse we all split up. Gosh it’s dark under these trees. What was that whispering? There it is again. Hey, where did everyone go? WAIT. I have an iPhone. Tap tap tap – and a flashlight app is installed. Whew. Is there anything this phone can’t do?

Geo-daughter let out a cry, she had found the cache GZ. We all rushed over (well, I know I rushed anyway) and quickly started searching for the cache. At last, victory was almost ours, but not before we drew straws to see who was going to “stick their hand in there!” Out came the cache and much elation was expressed that no ‘wildlife’ was sharing its hiding spot.

This time we were prepared and carried our own pen and something to swap. Now to wade through the swag and decide what we might like to keep as a cache memento. Eventually we settled on a ladybug eraser and left behind a voucher for a free Big Mac at Macca’s. Depending on their stomach tolerance, someone’s gonna either love us or hate us. The cache safely stowed again, we traipsed back to the car, admiring our newly acquired eraser. With a parting glance over my shoulder a small shiver ran through me as I noticed that there was no wind tonight, and the trees were still.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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