Strzelecki Trail 94

Found: 31 Jan 2012

Somehow during the course of conversation with geo-daughter, I found myself agreeing to take a trip to Traralgon under the loosely veiled guise of purchasing some new shoes before school resumed in 2 days time. We set off at midday, both silently working out which caches we could stop off at during the trip. As we got closer to Traralgon I casually mentioned that there were a couple of caches down on the Traralgon South road. Geo-daughter’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Did you bring the box of swaps?” With a quick, “Of course I did!” I swung the geo-mobile off into the right direction.

The road was nice and quiet, and we thought we were in for a Muggle-free experience. That was of course, until we pulled off on the side of the road to park at a nearby sign – then the cars just started coming from seemingly nowhere. The sign is quite informative and shows the path that StrzeleckiTrail 94 will take you on, weaving it’s way through Loy Yang, Gormandale, Balook, Churchill, Mirboo North and Hazelwood to name just a few.

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We looked around and quickly spotted what we thought would be the most likely spot for GZ. Crossing the road we soon realised we were spot on with our guess. Peeling back the camo and hoping like mad that there weren’t any slithery critters around, I quickly retrieved the cache. Back off to the car we went so we didn’t look suspicious standing out there… or rather, any more suspicious than we already did. Checking through the online log we discovered that the cache had only been re-stocked a couple of days prior, so it was full of lots of interesting bits and pieces. We took a Rock of Ages squeezy torch in the shape of a cigarette lighter and left behind a mini octo-strap.

Running back across the road, in shoes that were clearly not designed for caching in, I popped the container back and carefully replaced the camo. On the way back to the car I caught sight of a cool looking Quicksilver cap laying in the grass. Wouldn’t mind betting it belonged to a previous cacher… afterall, who else in their right mind would be wandering around in the long grass over here?


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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