Tarraville Church

Found: 23 Jan 2012

As we approached Tarraville, geo-daughter spied the historic Christ Church through the trees and was eager to get there and start exploring. As we pulled up I was happily regaling geo-daughter with the story of how her great-great-grandparents were married in this very Church in the October of 1861. Rolling her eyes, she made her escape from the geo-mobile (and any further stories), and headed for the Churchyard gate, iPhone firmly in hand and ticking off the metres.

I stopped to admire the Church. How could you not? It’s been standing guard by the river since 1856, with not a single nail used to hold it together, and yet it still stands proud, and looks amazing. I could only wish to look as good when I turn 156 years old. Christ Church is also believed to be the first Church that was ever built in Gippsland, and rates up there amongst the oldest surviving Churches in Victoria. Woohoo, Tarraville FTW!!

For many long years the Church had been a crisp fresh white with gorgeous blue trimmings. Then a few years back someone decided that during its next maintenance run it should be painted brown… a horrible mustardy brown… with a darker brown trim, the kind of browns that are usually only reserved for the inside of a nappy. The result was far from attractive. Thankfully this era was short-lived and the Church soon returned to the crisp white and blue that you can see today, although it’s a darker shade of blue than it used to be.

Walking around the side of the Church, I noticed something peculiar laying on the ground. It was geo-daughter, hunting high (well okay, maybe not high) and low for the cache. A few laps around the building got us to within a definite 2 metres. Surely it wasn’t inside! The main wooden door can be opened, but there is a locked mesh door behind it, so you can see in, you just can’t get in. So that wasn’t it. We checked the clue, which just suggested to pray. While I was busy praying for the cache to be stuffed full of $100 notes, geo-daughter let out a triumphant squeal and ran around the corner, smiling, cache in hand.

Lots of swag in this one, though sadly it was lacking the stash of money I had just been negotiating for. Snaffled ourselves a nifty green whistle and deposited a little silver figurine of a… actually I think he was playing the bagpipes… hope he doesn’t annoy the neighbours.

On the way out I started to mention some of the history of the Church, but barely got a word out before geo-daughter screamed and started jumping up and down, shrieking about a ‘huge flying spider’. A quick brush down and clothing check revealed nothing. Sheesh.. the lengths my kids go to sometimes to distract me from finishing a story…


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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