A Corner of History

Found: 31 Jan 2012

It’s WHERE?!?! Like… you mean… right in the middle of Traralgon? That’s brilliant!!

Arriving in the general vicinity of GZ, we scoped out the area and found it absolutely teeming with Muggles. I don’t really know what we expected on a lovely sunny afternoon, and it was still school holidays after all. I remembered what I had read about this one in the cache page logs and how you could supposedly see it from a seat. So looking like complete weirdo’s we seat-hopped our way around until we spotted something a bit odd.


It was actually a good chance to sit and take in our surrounds. The Soldiers Memorial is in this area, nestled in between two historic corner buidings. On one corner is the iconic Traralgon Post Office, built in 1886 it originally served as a combined Court House, Post Office and sub-treasurey complex. On the other corner is Ryans Hotel, or simply ‘Dirty Ryans’ to the locals. Opened in 1858 under the name ‘Travellers Rest Hotel’ and originally built of pit-sawn red gum, it later went on to be known as the ‘Traralgon Hotel’ before that building was replaced by the present one, in 1912. This building, like the Post Office, is protected by the National Trust. Just a pity that ‘Dirty Ryans’ patrons aren’t as respectable as the building!


After a quick conference with geo-daughter about how we could actually set about searching for and retrieving the cache without being seen, a plan was soon hatched. Of course it involved heading across the road to the Stockland Plaza for a quick bit of shopping. I’m sure you can imagine it was a difficult task but hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Besides, there was a cache find at stake!

Returning several hours later, each of us with arms laden with what we only hoped were enough shopping bags to provide adequate cover, we again sat down on the closest seat to work out our next strategy. Arranging the 326 shopping bags in a way that wouldn’t draw attention, I knelt down and pretended to be hunting through a bag looking for something. Slipping the cache into a shopping bag we quickly retreated to the safety of the nearby geo-mobile to savour the moment of signing.

The cache was small. Well I guess it had to be to survive in Muggle Central. We signed the log and looked for something to leave behind. In amongst our meagre purchases was a pack of coloured hair ties. Perfect! Now if I’m ever in Traralgon and experiencing a bad hair day, all I have to do is sit patiently, wait for the Muggles to disperse, and fabulous hair shall be mine!

Lugging some of the shopping bags back over to GZ, I repeated the retrieval process in reverse and we were outa there!


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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