The Arched Pine

Found: 11 Feb 2012

A new day can only mean a new cache adventure awaiting, right? Well sorta, but only after a quick supermarket dash. Apparently the family require food… Geo-husband had come along for the ride so after some fast talking I eventually convinced him to take the long way home.

We stopped by a small rectangular reserve at Devon North to hunt for a GCA (Geocaching Australia) cache. But after an hour of going around in circles (or should that be rectangles) and almost being captured by a legion of spiders who had created a labyrinth of webs across every available path, we decided to leave it for another day. I’ll write more about that later, when we actually do find it. Optimism FTW!!

Meanwhile these couple of cuties scared the bejeezus out of us:

Curse you and your feathers that look like scales!

Time to head off up the road to the pine plantations. Now I don’t know about you, but there’s something about pine forests that always creeps me out. Plonk me into the middle of native bush and I’m fine, but amongst the pines… well, I’d rather not. As if the atmosphere wasn’t making me nervy enough, a storm was quickly brewing. As we parked the geo-mobile I glanced quickly at the darkening sky, hoping it would hold off just long enough ’til we were safely back.

Moving further into the plantation I looked over my shoulder to note that we’d now lost sight of the geo-mobile, and we were now completely surrounded by pine trees. I think it’s the quietness that rattles me. Just stopping and listening, and hearing nothing… just stillness. All around. And then you realise you’re holding your breath and the only noise to break the silence is the sound of you slowly exhaling. Maybe I watched too many C Grade horror movies as a kid? I quickened my pace to catch up to geo-husband, you know… just in case.

The ground is as rough as guts, disguised cunningly by a soft layer of dead pine needles. We walk on. Luckily the cache name had already given us the clue we needed to look for. Mentally singing “One of these things is not like the other…” I was interrupted before the third verse by geo-husband triumphantly pointing out the obvious. Making our way over to “the little tree that couldn’t” it was again geo-husband who came up trumps. Grrr. (No that’s okay, really…)

It was another smallish cache. I’m fast running out of smallish things to swap… I need to do something about that!! Signing the log, I decided to retrieve a trackable geocoin from the cache, and relocate it. I want one of these. I think it’d be pretty cool to keep watch as it travels around from cache to cache. We carefully replaced the cache and headed back out to the safely of the geo-mobile just as a low rumbling of thunder rolled across the hills.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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