Poor Albert

Found: 12 Feb 2012

Oh wow, another multi cache and it starts in one of my favourite places! That’s right, waypoint 1 can be found at the Alberton Cemetery, down on the bank of the Albert River. After a quick visit to the rellies in the Old Ground, we zeroed in on GZ and found the date we needed to work out the next set of coordinates. The Cemetery is looking more and more lovely these days. For a long time it was being used to graze animals on, until someone figured out that it actually needed preserving!

Off to WP2 to collect another date (I’m not going to tell you where WP2 is!!) and then we were off to seek out the cache. After looking at the picture on the cache description page it seems Geo-husband and I differed on where we thought the photo had been taken. I thought it looked like the Old Port, and he thought it looked more like Seabank. As he sailed around the round-about, I stopped short of saying “I told you so” as the GPS showed we were getting further away. A quick u-turn and we were hot on the trail again.

After parking a couple of muggles strolled past, so we had to wait ’til their chatter was growing faint before attempting the cache. Geo-husband is getting quite good at the spotting, and as it turns out he found this miles before I did (again)! The original container has broken down and it’s been repaired with a smaller cache tucked inside, but the original hide was extremely well done. We retrieved a rather mangy looking little orange dog that looks like it’s seen better days, and replaced it with a magnetic therapy necklace.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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