Port Albert – Angus McMillan

Found: 18 Feb 2012

Another trip down to the beautiful Port Albert! Another multi… surely this will be another reasonably easy one. Afterall, we know the area well and we are locals. Right?

I don't think this was here when Angus passed by...

WP1 brought us to the Angus McMillan cairn right in the middle of the round-about. After a few happy snaps and collecting the date off the cairn so we could work out WP2, we were off again.

WP2 led us to another Angus cairn. Really? There’s another one nearby? Show me!! We had to park a short way away from WP2 and walk there. Geo-husband didn’t know of any cairns down at the WP2 area either, so this was definitely going to be a new one on us! That’s what I love about caching, even if you think you know an area really well, there’s always something tucked away that you probably didn’t know about.


Walking past some accommodation areas we were spotted by a couple of Llama’s who seemed quite interested in what we were doing. I reckon they’ve seen their share of cachers! When we reached WP2 the tide was right out so it wasn’t looking its best today. We found the cairn and after a quick read we set off to find the cache. Everything was fine while we were on the move, but as soon as we stopped at GZ – we were under rapid attack.

An army of ‘big bad Banksia men’ were also all around us, keeping a good eye on things. May Gibbs has an awful  lot to answer for.

Banksia Man!.....Ruuuuunn!!!!!

The GPS was a bit jumpy and even though it kept bringing me back to a particular spot there was no cache to be found, much to our dismay but much to the delight of the mozzies who were having a right old feast. The blood loss was high, but there was a cache find at stake!! Geo-husband to the rescue again! He called me over and told me he could see the cache, could I? The hide turned out to be obvious (well, once you knew what you were looking for) and we were quickly doing our swap and signing the log before high-tailing it out of there! Took the night geocaching badge (which from the logs, had been there for over 12 months!) and left a fishing glowstick.


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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