Port of Sale 9: Sale Saleyards

Wow, still trying to catch up on writing about previous finds. Seems that every time I get a step closer we have a day out and come up with more caches to log! Got a quiet day today so I’ll just keep plodding along.

Found: 29 Feb 2012

Well what better way to spend a day that only comes around every 4 years, than with a spot of caching?! I had to take Geo-daughter down to Sale today so after we had finished with the necessary, we were off to hunt caches!

Whipping out her iPhone geo-daughter seemed surprised that Sale was so cache-saturated. Lots of Multi’s though, so as we had to be back home by 7pm we figured we’d just do some drive-by’s. Plus it was cold, windy and threatening to rain!

No Sales at Sale's Sales today.

I’d never been around to the Sale Saleyards before, although I shouldn’t really have been surprised how big the area was, considering the farming community it serves. A bit of traffic around but luckily I could pull off and drive along the gravelled parking/driving areas of the yards, and take our time to cruise closer to GZ without overshooting it. Luckily Geo-daughter had her nose buried in her iPhone counting down the metres to GZ and didn’t spot the great big dead sheep that was laying on its side in one of the yards. Even I wrinkled my nose up at that.

Cruising on past the dead sheep we closed in on GZ. Stopping the geo-mobile, Geo-daughter jumped out and headed quickly to where the cache should be, had a bit of a search around before turning to me with an expectant look on her face. *sigh* Yep, looks like I was going to be the one to stick my hand into uncharted waters. Without giving common sense time to put on its sensible jacket with matching sensible shoes, and rear its sensible head, I shoved my hand in and just hoped for the best. Wrapping my fingers around the cache I pulled it out as quick as I could.

WELL! What a treasure trove this one was… not! We had the glorious choice between a tampon (thankfully un-used), a Brisbane Lions (AFL) card from a pack of chips (well I guess they tried, but the Lions?? Seriously??) or a used piece of chewing gum carefully wrapped in a dirty bit of paper. Of course I took the tampon and chewy out and replaced with a couple of ‘friendlier’ swaps. I left the Brisbane Lions card in there just in case one of their 6 fans happens to be driving past. But seriously… why put that sort of crap in there? Makes you wonder what swap items they took, that made them think these items were worthy replacements…

I remember reading on the GCA forum about a card a fellow cacher designed about fair trading. I guess this cache is a good example of why the cards were created…

Rules to cache by...


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I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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