Port of Sale 2: The Signal Box

Found: 29 Feb 2012

With the skies still threatening to open up at any given moment, we quickly made our way around to the old signal box – a very familiar landmark in Sale. What I love about caching is that these things are hidden right under everyone’s noses. How many caches have you walked past and never even known were there? Hundreds, or if you’re well travelled, likely thousands. Or if you’ve covered most of the globe, you may have gone past any of the 1.6 million caches that are hidden worldwide. And. Never. Even. Known.

We were able to parkright behind the signal box, which was great as we planned a grab’n’dash so we could sign the log in the safety/warmth of the geo-mobile, then another dash’n’replace back again.

All signals indicated that we were looking in the right spot.

This is actually the site of the old Sale Railway Station which was demolished in 1983 to make way for the new shopping centre to be built. The new Station now stands slightly west of the town centre but the old signal box was left here, along with the signals and large timber railway gates, to mark the original site. The Signal Box is now used as a rail museum which can be opened by appointment. The shopping centre manager has details on how to make an appointment if anyone is interested.

The shops were mostly closed by now so not too many muggles out and about to notice us poking around. Strangely enough the cache was in the first place we looked – we’re either getting good at this or we fluked it. Probably the latter.

We took out the pinky purpley linky clippy thing (i know it has a name and just can’t think of it right now!!) and left a highlighter. Time for just one more before heading home…


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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