ZebraCache? CrossCache? Cross Zebra?

Found: 28 Feb 2012

Back into the geo-mobile and on the hunt for a cross looking zebra, we zeroed in on what turned out to simply be the spot where zebra’s cross the road. I had an idea that this one was a teeny tiny one so I was keen to see if Geo-daughter would even spot it.

No Zebra's, but the flowers were a nice touch.

We looked around for a few minutes before I spied the cleverly hidden cache. I waited for Geo-daughter to see it but she was looking in the wrong spot, so I gave her the clue and she still didn’t see it!! Knowing that time was running out for us to get back home by 7pm, I grabbed the cache and handed it to her, saying, “Welcome to your first Nano.” Geo-daughter just stared at it in her hand for a while, as it all sunk in. We unscrewed the lid, quite excited about signing this one… but wait. What was that? That thing that just fell out and bounced away!?!? Oh no… the magnet. We searched and searched but it was a DNF. What do we do now? I looked for somewhere safe to put the cache while I let the owner know, but there wasn’t really a good (safe) spot.

Geo-daughter looked up another of the owner’s (Wyldman92) caches and found that he had hidden a cache outside of his workplace. Off we went, but as luck would have it, Wyldeman92 wasn’t working tonight. There was nothing to do except bring the cache home with us where I at least knew it would be safe. I emailed Wyldman92 straight away and the reply I received was so fantastic. He told me it had only been a cheap Nano and to just keep it, and that he would disable the cache until he had bought a proper one as a replacement. At least he wasn’t angry, although I was still feeling pretty rotten about it all. Well I guess you live and learn…

Note: 9 days later the cache was re-enabled and has had 4 more finds since. Hopefully our little fiasco will quickly disappear down the log page as more cachers find this one and add to the log!


About Collector of Two Dollar Trinkets

I use multi-million dollar satellite technology to hunt for little hidden plastic boxes.
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