What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide game played by GPS (Global Positioning System) users in the great outdoors. Basically it involves someone with a GPS hiding “treasure” (a cache container holding at least a log book) somewhere out in the world, and then publishing the exact coordinates so that other GPS users can go find it.

The only rules are that if you take something from a cache, you must swap it for an item of equal or greater value. You also must sign the log book to prove you made the find.

Cache containers vary in sizes, from the quite large (think of a bucket) to the insanely tiny (think of a bolt, or even smaller). The ascending gradients are Nano, Micro, Small, Medium, Large. Personally I prefer the S M or L ones because I think it’s cool to look through the swag items and then swap something of my own into it for someone else to find. The Micro’s and Nano’s are generally too small for anything much else, other than the log. It’s also a good idea to BYO pen or pencil, as you never know if there will be one in the cache, or as we found out, if there is one that works!

For more info and to create an account, you can check out the offical Geocaching website:


I also really like the following website – if you happen to get into Geocaching I recommend you create an account there also:

Geocaching Australia 



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